Phone Apps

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Soundhound - Iphone/Android

Just click on the button and soundhound listens to your surroundings and tells you what song is playing, who sings it, and shows the lyrics as the song plays!
Click Here To DownloadSoundhoundfor iPhone or Android

Planets - Iphone/Android

3D guide to the solar system. Hold your phone up to the sky and see all the planets and stars with names. Even if you aren't anastronomer it's still fun!
Click Here to DownloadPlanets for Iphone

Click here to download Planets for Android


Road Ahead - Iphone/Android

This app uses your location to find what highway you are on and then lists the distance to upcoming exits with all the businesses at each exit. Sort by distance from highway, business type etc.
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Speedtest - iPhone/Android

Speedtest contacts servers to test your upload and download speeds from any connection. Very useful in figuring out if you are having internet service problems.
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Photosynth - iPhone

This Microsoft app guides you into moving your phone in every direction to create a full spehrical view of your surroundings. You can either save the picture to your iPhone or upload it to the photosynth website. Really great for creating memories or doing site surveys for work!
Click Here To DownloadPhotosynth for Iphone

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SoundPrism - iPhone

There isn't anything out there quite like sound prism. You can play giant chords, make ringtones, and record music all with one finger! It is also quite musical, even though you don't have to be a musician to use it.
Click Here To DownloadSoundPrism for Iphone/iPad